Cancel culture | Anton Kuznetsov and Konstantin Morozov

24 July, 2022

Can the practices of cancelling be rational, are they related to the task of achieving social justice or are they only the result of deep social problems? The podcast participants discuss how the cancel culture works, whether it is similar to censorship and why it is impossible in Russia.

Participants: Alexey Kardash, Anton Kuznetsov, Konstantin Morozov.


0:00 General question: What is the cancel culture? Can cancel culture practices be rational?
0:42 Spontaneity of the cancel culture. The difference between cancelling and Soviet censorship (Kuznetsov)
6:57 Cancelling is not only indignation, but also consequences. Are they canceling not only people with power? (Morozov)
12:37 How to make sure that the cancellation is not aimed at socially vulnerable people? (Morozov's question to Kuznetsov)
13:15 The acuteness of the struggle for social justice and deep social contradictions (Kuznetsov)
16:00 Cultural power. Is the Will Smith situation not a cancel culture? (Kuznetsov's question to Morozov)
18:54 Activists use economic incentives (Morozov)
21:32 Is cancel culture an indicator that something is wrong in society? (Question to Kuznetsov)
22:29 "The culture of abolition is a weapon of an indiscriminate type." Is cancelling impossible in Russia? (Kuznetsov)
26:50 Can cancelling disrupt the market motivation of companies? (Question to Morozov) 
28:21 "The competitive market solves all those who work inefficiently" (Morozov)
29:11 General question: How is the cancel culture related to censorship and reputation?
29:37 Cancel culture – not censorship (Morozov)
31:05 Internal and grassroots censorship (Kuznetsov)
37:15 General question: is cancellation a form of discrimination? 
37:42 Permissible and impermissible discrimination (Morozov)
39:39 Inconsistency of discrimination by cancellation. Has the black population been abolished in the USA for a long time? (Kuznetsov)
43:06 General question: is it possible to cancel historical persons? Is there anyone to cancel in philosophy? 
43:59 It is necessary not to cancel, but to supply controversial points with comments (Morozov)
45:37 Is it worth studying chauvinistic literature? (Kuznetsov)
49:11 General question: whose cancellation would the guests consider fair?
49:43 Who to cancel and who are cancelled (Kuznetsov)
54:01 Cancelling is not about justice (Morozov)
59:14 Element of meta-irony