“Metaphysics of Uploading”: World-renowned philosophers discuss the future of the human mind

24 August, 2023

The Italian news portal NotiziArte published an article about our summer school "Metaphysics of Uploading", held from August 27 to August 1 2023 in Palermo.

«From 27 July to 2 August, the Center for Consciousness Studies (CCS) hosted the Summer Philosophical School “Metaphysics of Uploading” in Palermo. World-famous philosophers and thinkers met in the State Archives of the Sicilian capital to discuss the possibility of uploading the human mind to a computer system. The Summer School of Philosophy is an international program of intensive lectures and seminars by experts in the field, which has been held every two years since 2014 and is organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies (CCS). The institution, founded by Doctor of Philosophy Dmitry Volkov, focuses on the study and development of analytic philosophy. For the first time the Summer School was held in Italy, having previously been held in Latvia and Malta. This school saw the participation of two prominent teachers: Doctor Pietro Perconti, professor of Philosophy and Theory of Languages ​​at the University of Messina and author of "The future of the artificial mind" and Doctor. Eric Olson, professor of philosophy at the University of Sheffield, one of the most cited philosophers specializing in metaphysics and philosophy of mind.»