Philosopher Anton Kuznetsov on God, Free Will and Materialism | Interview

1 March, 2023

Is God necessary for the existence of free will? Does free will contradict determinism? Anton Kuznetsov's interview on the "TRICKSTER. Scientifically about religion" channel is devoted to this and much more. 


0:00 - Introduction
0:24 - About the meeting with the Dalai Lama XIV and the dispute between Western and Eastern philosophy
17:22 - Why did Anton choose the philosophy of mind, and not the Russian religious philosophy
20:46 - Is there a common thing between Russian religious philosophy and the philosophy of consciousness
25:30 - Is God necessary for the existence of free will
47:39 - About freedom and the moral argument in favor of God
1:03:45 - Are materialism and free will compatible?
1:13:33 - About libertarian freedom
1:22:19 - About high-level facts and emergent transition
1:24:56 - About the interaction of material and mental substance in dualism
1:39:25 - About the emergence of science in the Christian world and deism
1:45:00 - Is consciousness the basis for free will?
1:47:36 - What is wrong with the enlightenment of science?