Homo Cosmicus: how to defeat death and explore space. Philosophy of Russian Cosmism

13 April, 2022

To conquer death and master space — those are the main postulates of Russian cosmism which appears in Russia in the 19th century. In this episode, we talk about its influence on cosmonautics and about why victory over death is needed.

Moderator: Anton Kuznetsov

philologist Anastasia Gacheva, Ph.D., Leading researcher of the Department of Modern Russian Literature and Literature of the Russian Diaspora
philosopher Aya Kriman, junior research associate of the Department of Social Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
00:49 - How Russian cosmism and the appearance of cosmonautics are connected
10:54 - Tsiolkovsky's Panpsychism
15:45 - The main provisions of Russian cosmism 
20:40 - Why the victory over death in cosmism?
24:45 - The difference between Russian cosmism and trans and posthumanism 
27:58 - Theistic and atheistic cosmism
31:53 - The lack of unity in Russian cosmism and the problem of teleology 
37:10 - Is Russian cosmism not scientific now?
45:37 - Is there a basis for cosmism
51:05 - Cosmism — philosophy as a project, not a theory
55:11 - Contest "How to defeat death?"
56:08 - What the presenter understood about cosmism
57:35 - Summary from Mary

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