What to modify: the genome or ethics?

5 January, 2022

Now it has become popular to undergo genetic testing, to find out information about one's genome. We are fascinated by the idea that in the future we will be able to edit genes and prevent many diseases based on genetic technologies. But such a future has many problems.

What will happen to the privacy of genetic information? Who is responsible to the embryo for editing? How should medical ethics change? And won't this lead to the opposite result - a genetic dystopia? We are talking about this with the philosopher and bioethicist Sergey Shevchenko.

Guest - philosopher and bioethicist Sergey Shevchenko
Moderator - Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 - Introduction
01:35 - Editing of the human genome. What is the ethical problem?
05:14 - Who is responsible for the editing results?
08:30 - Responsibility to the future, rights of future generations
11:26 - Intervention in the embryo and in the formed organism
13:15 - Angelina Jolie Incident
17:25 - Genetic information and medical secrecy
19:50 - Risks of genetic dystopia
21:55 - The dilemma of knowledge and ignorance
23:55 - Is there a philosophy in bioethics?
27:26 - Competition!
28:50 - The Milestones in the genetic discussion
31:19 - The influence of traditionalism on the genetic debate
34:30 - Why do people care so much about genetics?
37:28 - How not to be afraid of genetic technologies
40:59 - Why ethical discussions can be useful
43:27 - Is Ethics a profession of the future?
45:20 - Resume from Mary

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