Hermeneutics: Understanding as Art

6 January, 2022

If at school you were tormented by the question "What did the author want to say?", if you are interested in how to extract meanings and understand texts better than their creators, then there is hermeneutics for this - a mysterious weapon of philosophers.

Guest - philosopher Alexey Salin
Moderator - Anton Kuznetsov

00:00 - Introduction
00:45 - What did the author want to say? The hermeneutist's terrible nightmare
03:04 - What is hermeneutics and what does a hermeneutist do
06:53 - Schleiermacher and the development of hermeneutics 
09:38 - How to understand the text better than the author?
11:10 - Getting used to the text and the hermeneutic circle
14:40 - Why is the hermeneutical circle a circle?
16:50 - Hermeneutics and the border between humanities and natural scientists
19:25 - The idea of the method and the infinity of meanings
21:48 - What does hermeneutics give? The question-and-answer nature of understanding
27:42 - If the text does not raise questions, then it should be put aside
28:54 - Hermeneutics and phenomenology
32:05 - The conventionality of the division into humanities and natural sciences
37:40 - Hermeneutics as an art. What is it?
39:58 - Video games and hermeneutics 
43:27 - Two types of understanding of games
49:07 - Output from Mary

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