Forbidden Russian Philosophy

16 March, 2022

If philosophy is banned in Russia, then it has taken place. Today we are talking about the prohibition of philosophy in the Russian Empire in 1850, its causes and consequences, as well as why philosophy cannot be abolished.

Guest - historian of philosophy Alexey Pavlovich Kozyrev
Moderator - Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 - Introduction
00:57 - Prohibition of philosophy in 1850 and the European Revolution
05:46 - German idealism as a source of "contagion”
07:00 - Censorship of philosophy in the 18th century
09:56 - Why was censorship not enough? 
15:09 - A surge of nihilism as a consequence of the prohibition of philosophy
18:52 - What did not please the Slavophiles?
22:09 - Don't confuse Slavophiles with guardians
24:19 - The face of Russian philosophy after 1850 and its "underground" at the university
27:32 - Reasons why a strong university philosophy has not appeared in Russia
31:56 - Are Russian philosophers a "secondary" product?
37:59 - Why is the ban on philosophy being lifted in the Russian Empire? Organic lack of philosophy
43:31 - Philosophy cannot be undone
44:55 - Contest "What does it mean to be a Russian philosopher?"
48:37 - Summary from Mary

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