Digital Immortality: how to upload consciousness on a flash drive

6 January, 2022

Mikhail Lebedev and Anton Kuznetsov on Post-science

Is it possible to digitize consciousness? What are the technological difficulties behind this? Is it possible to reduce consciousness to the total activity of brain cells? And to what extent will the personality enclosed in a non-biological copy of the brain coincide with the original?


00:00 Start of the broadcast
02:19 Consciousness as a subject of scientific research
04:28 Mental states
06:20 The nature of consciousness and the work of the brain
08:12 Brain work: "conscious" and "unconscious"
09:05 Terminology in empirical research
10:21 Is it achievable to create a digital copy of "consciousness"?
12:20 Possible obstacles. How to copy "correctly"?
14:05 Consciousness in GB
19:14 The feeling of "I"
21:11 Copy and "original": two different subjects
22:42 What is an "exact copy"?
25:28 Is it possible to copy the soul?
29:23 Qualia
30:03 Thesis of multiple realizability
31:12 Degree of copy identity
35:30 "Consciousness is akin to information"
38:49 Creation of artificial supplements to the brain - tomorrow
41:48 "Among the many copies, I will not be anywhere!"
44:20 Simulation of the brain
48:12 The role of quantum computing in creating correct brain models
50:15 Data and principles of operation
52:25 Abstract models of various processes
53:35 Ethical issue in creating a copy of personal identity
56:44 How to regulate the properties of a digital object, its status?
59:34 Digital Theology
01:00:48 How do people become cyborgs? [WATCHING A CARTOON]
01:07:51 Nothing prevents a copy from being conscious in the unconscious
01:10:27 What can you learn about the brain if you use an invasive interface?
01:15:32 Biocompatibility problem
01:16:27 What's wrong with theories of consciousness?
01:22:54 Ways to preserve the continuity of personality
01:24:43 Materialistic consciousness
01:26:27 A necessary condition for the survival of the individual
01:30:14 Multimodality of consciousness
01:33:20 The unconscious is the basis for consciousness
01:34:54 Mixing of consciousnesses
01:39:40 Do we need an endless digital life?
01:44:01 Philosophy of the common cause of Nikolai Fedorov