Creativity Competition Open. Conference “Problems of free will and consciousness”

15 June, 2018

The aim of this creative competition is to select participants for the international conference on “The problem of free will in analytic philosophy”, which is scheduled for June, 2014. The conference takes place on the shores of Greenland.

The conference takes place on the shores of Greenland and expects the participation of the leading western philosophers: D. Dennett, D. Chalmers, the Churchlands, the Moscow Centre for Consciousness Studies director, D.B. Volkov and undergraduate/postgraduate students of the Philosophy Department of Moscow State University.
All the participants’ expenses are to be covered by the organizers.

The organizers of the competition and conference:

* Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Philosophy
* Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

To participate in this competition one should send an essay, drawn up in accordance with the rules of this Regulation, the organizing committee address.

The winners announced will be three undergraduate students (professional, bachelor’s or master’s degree) and two postgraduate students from Moscow State University, Department of Philosophy. The winners get an opportunity to participate in the Conference in June 2014.
The competition takes place from September 25th till 25th November 2014.
The winners are announced and the works are evaluated by the jury on December 1st 2013.
The genre and content of the works submitted to the competition – Subject: “The Problem of Free Will”
The work is to be in English, on analytic philosophy in style and is to demonstrate the author’s ability to clearly express his position and justify it with well thought-out arguments.

The work is not to exceed 6000 characters (without spaces).
The text should is to be typed, saved in “doc” or “pdf” (font Times New Roman, font size 14, line spacing – one and a half).
The following mandatory information about the author should be included in the beginning of the work:
the author’s full surname, forename and patronymic, group name in the department of philosophy or the year and specialization of the postgraduate Contact information (phone number, email), Competition name.

All works are submitted by November 15th, 2013.

The materials should be sent to philosophyfreewill@ya.ru. Subject to be indicated is: “The Problem of Free Will”.

Evaluation criteria of the essay:

* Understanding of the problem under discussion
* Ability to identify approaches to solving it
* Clarity and cogency of argument
* Originality
* Knowledge of the analytic tradition when discussing problems

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