The Philosophy of Hip Hop

17 July, 2022

Hip-Hop as a cultural invariant and the search for a lost identity. Today we are talking about Hip-Hop philosophically.

Tatiana Pyrova, PhD, philosopher and aesthetician
Sergey Ivanov, Cultural Studies PhD, cultural critic and musician 

Moderator: Anton Kuznetsov, PhD.


00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - What is Hip-Hop? And how did it appear?
05:37 - Hip-Hop as a hybrid cultural form. Confusion between Hip-Hop music and culture
07:51 - The context of the emergence of Hip-Hop: the struggle for rights and postmodernity
09:03 - Street and city. Black music off the air
12:37 - The struggle for the rights of the population and Hip-Hop
19:22 - Creating identity through Hip-Hop
20:46 - Russian and American rap through the theory of Leopold Senghor
25:02 - Hip-Hop in Russia before its appearance in the USA. Hip-Hop as a universal model
28:40 - The Death of Hip-Hop. The problem of authenticity
33:06 - From the very beginning, it's not just about blacks 
38:02 - Misogyny, ignorance and glorification of crime
44:01 - Criminal money in Hip-Hop 
45:22 - Africa Bambata and afrofuturism
47:25 - About Russian rap next time!
48:13 - Advice to a novice rapper 
48:56 - Read both rap and books
50:22 - Summary from Mary

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