The myth of the nation

17 June, 2022

Nation is a very strange subject. It seems to be there, but it seems to be not. In this episode, we are talking about how the concept of a nation turns from a liberal project into an ethnic one, and whether there are nations at all.

Guest — PhD. Evgeny Tsurkan, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 — Introduction
00:59 — What is a nation?
03:19 — There are all signs of a nation, but there is no nation. And vice versa
06:47 — Why the nation is not something like a thing
09:18 — The displacement of primordialism by constructivism in relation to nations
13:00 — "Nations are built on great oblivion"
15:03 — Definition of constructivism and the main problem of primordialism
16:40 — Nation and school education
18:19 — How is the concept of a nation formed?
21:18 — Sarmatism and the Polish nation
22:26 — Nation and political rights and freedoms
28:35 — Fichte and the inclusion of the people in the nation. A nation is a civilian corporation
32:17 — How does a nation turn from a liberal project into an ethnic one?
36:47 — When does a nation become a threat to the empire?
41:19 — Three stages of nation-building and modernization
43:30 — A nation is created by elites
47:40 — Official Russian civil nationalism
49:24 — Is industrial modernization a condition of the nation?
50:07 — Gellner's National principle: political and national units must coincide
51:53 — What is necessary for the formation of a bourgeois society is also necessary for the nation
54:58 — The fate of the concept of nation and its relevance
59:21 — Summary from Mary

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