Morality, Culture and Evolution

3 June, 2022

Can morality be objective and are there correct answers to moral questions if morality depends on historical, cultural and individual characteristics and preferences? This is what this episode is about.

Guest — Researcher of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD, philosopher Artem Yunusov
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 — Introduction
01:17 — How to behave correctly and how people think correctly — why are these different things
13:37 — Is it possible to give correct answers to moral questions? And how?
18:53 — Plausibility as an irremediable criterion
21:54 — The moral system can be anything. The problem of slavery
25:54 — Contradiction in Aristotle's justification of slavery
27:31 — Why moral philosophy is possible
28:31 — The problem of abortions and the dilemma of Philippa Foot
39:15 — Moral reasoning rests on intuition, but should not focus only on it
42:53 — Announcement of an article about Aristotle
43:31 — A pragmatic foundation for moral philosophy
47:01 — Summary from Mary

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