Medicine for the Superhuman

30 June, 2022

Human improvement through biomedical interventions is a very debated topic. Philosophers are traditionally concerned about the ethical side of the question, where are the limits of acceptable improvement.

Guest — Andrey Veretennikov, PhD, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics, 
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, PhD, Researcher at the Center for Consciousness Studies at Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
02:04 - What is human enhancement?
04:37 - Enhancement and the problem of the norm
07:55 - Types of biomedical enhancement
12:39 - Where is therapy, and where is deception? Therapeutic exceptions in sports and doping
18:26 - Cosmetic surgery and discrimination
22:00 - Where is the difference between biomedical enhancement and enhancement through education?
25:02 - Enhancement as a consolidation of inequality, this is a gratuitous advantage
32:10 - “The argument against space tourism”
35:00 - How to ethically justify enhancement?
41:02 - Utilitarianism and enhancement
43:50 - Competition!
45:46 - Summary from Mary

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