Just Deserts: Debating Free Will. Scientific Seminar of the Center for Consciousness Studies

2 September, 2022

The seminar is dedicated to the book "Just Deserts: Debating Free Will", where two philosophers Gregg Caruso and Daniel Dennett argue about free will. The first represents a group of skeptics and believes that there is no free will, although this does not negate moral responsibility. The second claims that it exists and, moreover, the acceptance of moral responsibility is a hidden argument in its favor.

Speakers: V. Vasilyev, S. Levin. 
Participants of the discussion: A.Besedin, O.Cherkashina, A.Yashin, M.Sekatskaya, T.Tarasenko, E.Loginov, A.Kostikova, A.Mertsalov