Harry Potter and the Half-blood Philosopher

13 May, 2022

"Harry Potter" is not a philosophical work. Nevertheless, philosophers have something to say about it. Listen about it in this podcast.

philosopher, PhD Polina Khanova
media artist, composer Mikhail Marushkin

Moderator: Anton Kuznetsov


00:00 — Introduction
01:15 — How do the guests look at Harry Potter?
03:22 — The connection of the real world with the world of wizards
08:00 — There was no New Time in the world of wizards, there is no idea of progress in it 
13:28 — Forbidden knowledge in Potterian
18:25 — Grindelwald had a program, and Voldemort is just evil
21:28 — Why Voldemort couldn't become Hitler
27:11 — Grindelwald is a villain beyond the wizarding world
31:14 — Voldemort's anti-anthropocentrism, discrimination of the bestiary in the Potterian
36:47 — Harry Potter is not cool and that's right
39:45 — Severus Snape is the strongest figure of the Potterians
45:06 — The theme of death, the anti-cosmism of the Potterians
51:34 — Deathly Hallows don't work
53:20 — Summary from Mary

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