Beyond Violence

9 October, 2022

In this episode we talk about violence as a principle, as a condition of freedom of the subject and about the danger of losing the right to violence.

Guest — Igor Chubarov, PhD, Director of the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Sciences of TSU
Moderator — Anton Kuznetsov, Ph.D., research associate at the Center for Consciousness Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


00:00 - Introduction
01:50 - Violence as a principle. Violence outside the context of moral philosophy
04:20 - Changing attitudes to violence. It cannot be justified by reference to justice or the law
05:43 - Autonomy of violence
08:51 - Privatization of violence by an impersonal subject and slave morality
16:54 - The paradox of violence and truth
21:14 - Self-destruction as ultimate violence 
25:22 - Appropriation of violence. The collapse of democracy and totalitarianism 
27:20 - The right to violence and the freedom of the subject. Svidrigailov 's mistake
37:44 - Law-establishing and law-supporting violence
42:22 - CTP and debt replacement by violence
46:46 - Why violence will always find its way
50:25 - Competition! 
51:16 - Summary from Mary

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