Yulina N. S. “U.S. philosophical thought in the 20th century”

15 June, 2018

First pub. in: Канон+, 2010.

This book presents a historical exposition of concepts by authors who have made significant contributions to the evolution of U.S. philosophical thought. The first part of Yulina’s book presents views of classic authors from this school of thought including the concepts of C. Peirce, W. James, J. Dewey, plus new and critical realists such as G. Mid, G. Santayana and F. Whitehead.

The second part of the book concerns innovations from the second half of the 20th century. The main topics are analytical and post analytical philosophy, the concept of consciousness of D. Dennett, neurophilosophy of P. Churchland, postmodern pragmatism of R. Rorty, the neopragmatism and radical theology of C. Cox, plus feminism and other philosophical concepts. Particular attention is paid to shifts which have occurred over the century in cognitive culture, and to the emergence of alternative philosophical directions.

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