Collection of Rare Editions of Philosophical Books

A collection of rare editions of philosophical treatises that influenced contemporary analytic philosophy, and in particular, the debates on problems of consciousness, free will, and personal identity. There are unique items in the collection: John Locke. Experience about human understanding. In four books / Second edition, substantially supplemented. London: for Awnsham & John Churchil and Samuel Manship, 1694; Rene Descartes. Primary philosophy. Amsterdam: A.L. Elzevirium, 1644. The first edition; David Hume. The study of human knowledge - from the author of "Moral and political essays." London: for A. Millar, 1748. First edition; Immanuel Kant. Criticism of pure reason / Second edition, revised and enlarged. Riga: Johann Friedrich Hartknoch, 1787. Second edition. You can look at the collection here.