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Dmitry Volkov: “Philosophy makes the world cozier”

Interview with co-director of MCCS Dmitry Volkov to GQ magazine about philosophy, business and the arts.

Источник: GQ magazine
Апр' 2016
“What do philosophers discuss?”. Read in the new issue of “Schrodinger’s cat”

I”What consciousness is? Does free will exist? Where do moral priciples come from? Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies held the biggest survey of the Russian philosophical community. Read more

Апр' 2016
Фев' 2016
Consciousness encourages us to believe that we are unique

Consciousness is an illusion. It’s a position of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey. But we understand each other, create masterpieces of art and complex scientific theories in virtue of that illusion.

Янв' 2016
Free will. Are we able to make a conscious decision? Radio-show on “Silver rain”

In what sense are we able to make conscious decisions? That question was discussed be co-directors of our Center Vadim Vasiliev and Dmitry Volkov on the radio “Silver rain”. Find a link below.

Ноя' 2015
Free will: yes or no? The problem of free will. The third show on OnlineTV

This is the third time when OnlineTV has invited us for a tv show “There is a such thing”. A theme of that show is the problem of free will. In the core of that problem is the dilemma of determinism which says that we have troubles with free will in both cases when determinism is sound and when it is not.

Источник: Онлайн ТВ
Май 2015