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The Dalai Lama called for the development of awareness and the cessation of wars

The Dalai Lama XIV met for the first time with leading Russian neuroscientists and urged them, through science and education, to convey to the general public the idea of developing awareness, compassion, love, renouncing violence and dividing the world into “one’s own” and “others.” Read more

Источник: РИА Новости
Авг' 2017
The Dalai Lama will discuss the nature of consciousness and the benefits of meditation with scientists from Russia

Dalai Lama XIV, Buddhist scholars and a group of distinguished scientists from Russia will gather for the first time together on Monday in New Delhi to discuss the nature of consciousness, the benefits of meditation and the prospect of brain research. Read more

Источник: РИА Новости
Авг' 2017
“My dream is for NATO headquarters to move to Moscow”

Dalai Lama XIV shared with “K” recipes of solutions to global problems of humankind. Full version

Источник: КоммерсантЪ
Авг' 2017
Dalai Lama and Russian scientists join forces in search of happiness for all

The Dalai Lama and the neuroscientists from Russia agreed on a joint study of consciousness and the influence of meditation on it, as well as on the cooperation of Buddhist and Russian researchers in neurobiology, cognitive psychology and a number of scientific fields – for the pursuit of peace and...

Источник: РИА Новости
Авг' 2017
Recruitment Was Successful. The Kommersant magazine on the Dialogue Between Russian Scientists and the Dalai Lama

Last week in New Delhi, the first ever dialogue of the Dalai Lama XIV with the Russian scientists studying the nature of consciousness took place. A series of meetings “Fundamental Knowledge: Dialogue between Russian and Buddhist Scientists” was organized by the Tibetan Culture Center in conjunction with the Save Tibet Foundation and the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies. Full version

Источник: Коммерсантъ
Авг' 2017
Daniel Dennett’s Science of Soul

The New Yorker has published a long read about Daniel Dennett, a man, who made a weighty contribution to our understanding of consciousness, its connection with the brain and evolution. Much of this article is devoted to the Greenland Conference, organized by the Center in 2014 in conjunction with the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. Read the article

Источник: The New Yorker
Март 2017