Nature's Challenge to Free Will. Scientific seminar of the Center for Consciousness Studies

9 January, 2022

This seminar is dedicated to the theory of free will by Bernard D. Borowski, which he expounds in the book "Nature's Challenge to Free Will".

Most modern philosophers agree that free will is compatible with determinism. This position is called compatibilism. Presumably it is Borowski who is the author of this term, which does not prevent him from attacking the most influential version of this position - conditional compatibilism. In return, Borowski offers his version of the compatibility of free will with predestination, calling it petty-bourgeois, although he himself admits that Hume would not be in a hurry to agree with him. You will learn about the essence of this position and the grounds for criticizing conditional compatibilism from this seminar.

Speakers: Andrey Mertsalov and Ph.D. Artem Besedin.
Participants: V. Vasilyev, R.Howell, O.Cherkashina, A.Tanyushina, E.Loginov.