In the Labyrinth of Free Will. Conference at the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University

15 June, 2018

The leading experts on the problem of free will from the Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, the Higher School of Economics and, of course, the staff of our Center participated in this conference. Video is coming soon!

Here is a list of reports:

D.B. Volkov “Mental causation and free will”
M.A. Secatskaya “The argument of luck against the argument of consequences”
D.V. Chirva “Is it hard to be an incompatibilist?”
A.P. Besedin “How are free will and moral responsibility related?”
CM. Levin “Ultimate responsibility and the principle of local significance”
A.S. Mishura “The problem of control in the discussion on free will”
V.V. Vasiliev “How to defend the classical compatibilism?”
D.N. Razeev “On free will outside the field of vision of neuroscience”
A.V. Mertsalov “The determinism of events and the determinism of states

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