The external world. The 10th issue of “Finikovy compote”

15 June, 2018

The new issue of “Finikovy Compote” is dedicated to the classical philosophical problem – how to prove the existence of the external world and is it possible at all?


Yevgeny Loginov. Editorial.


Prolegomena to any future proof for the existence of the external world.

Artem Besedin. I’m not a liar!
Dmitry Mironov. How should the proof of external world look like?
David Apfelbaum. How does B-g prove that the world exists?
Chen Weiyi. On the root of the problem of the existence of the external world.
Natalia Safronova. On solipsism.
Alexander Mishura. The external world without proof.
Artemy Saphian. Three Kantian argument.
Dmitry Volkov, Oleg Kulik. He aimed to catch the ball, but caught the world.
Artem Yunusov. Kozloolen against the Jabberwocky (Part II)


Nina Peñaflor. Mystical Anarchists. Restart.
Alexander Belikov. To All future “bar counter” theories.
Yevgeny Loginov. Monster Fregenshtein and Mythbusters.


Michael Dunn. We are doing too well.


Cyril Sapunov. About teaching of philosophy to students of math.
Ivan Ivanovich. Fascination, and not standard.

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