Free will exists! The new issue of “Logos” magazine

15 June, 2018

On october 20th there held a presentation of the new issue of “Logos” magazine devoted to the problem of free will. It contains articles of the leading Russian philosophers in the field and also the first translations of classic articles on the problem of free will.

Here you can learn how to buy this issue of Logos. Below you’ll see the content.

Igor Dzhokhadze. Analytic Philosophy Today: Identity Crisis
Alexander Mishura. Battlefield — Free Will


Derk Pereboom. Optimistic Skepticism About Free Will
Robert Kane. Acting “of One’s Own Free Will”: Modern Reflections on an Ancient Philosophical Problem
John Martin Fischer. Semicompatibilism and Its Rivals


Vadim Vasilyev. Two Dead Ends of Incompatibilism
Artem Besedin. Can Determinism Manipulate Us?


Dmitry Volkov. The “Consciousness Thesis” and Moral Responsibility in Neil Levy’s Research
Sergei Levin. The Extended Mind and the Causal Status of the Agent
Evgeny Loginov. Pragmatism, Identity and Free Will