David Hume and the mysteries of his philosophy. A new book in the series "Philosophy of Mind"

9 January, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our book series has been replenished with a new book by the co-director of the Center Vadim Vasilyev, its main figure is the great Scottish philosopher David Hume, one of the most influential people of his time, a well-known life lover and, despite this, in the opinion of people, one of the main skeptics in history. But is it so? Perhaps, in spite of this, Hume's skeptical philosophy is full of optimism.

"This book is the first Russian-language monograph about the great Scottish philosopher of the Enlightenment, David Hume, covering all aspects of his life and work and all his works. The author explains the key ideas of Hume that remain important today, tells in detail about his life, and also expounds in detail and comments on his main works. Special attention is paid to the numerous riddles of Hume's philosophy related both to the circumstances of the creation of his works and to the interpretation of the ideas presented in them. The book also discusses the ideological influences on Hume and various interpretations of his concepts in modern historical and philosophical literature."